Behind the Scenes: Samota – Nina Strnad & Omar Naber

Dear friends!

My New Year’s resolution is to post new musical things on Facebook, YouTube or SoundCloud every week. New songs, the old ones in new shape or different language, covers as well.

I hope you’ll enjoy as much as I will enjoy making it.

The first one is by Rok Golob, sang by Nina Strnad & me, from a recent event in Cankar Hall.

Behind the scenes video by Petra Hlebš, thank you Petra.



Most welcome to like & share!

Happy New Year everyone!



Hope you are all well.

Summer is here!! Yeaaayy!!

Been very busy with quite a few performances in the past few weeks and a hectic spell coming up later this month of June.

I’ve also been working a lot on writing and recording some new songs, some of which are quite commercially accessible songs.

All for the next album which seems to be leaning towards the pop music genre more than anything else!
Maybe even some a bit of a departure from the norm for me … we’ll see … jury is still out on that 🙂
Also recording a studio version of the Julio Iglesias song ‘Amor’ with the excellent Fake Orchestra (You have to check these guys out!!)

So … no time to waste … things to do … keep following on Facebook for the regular updates as always.
At this rate, my next update will be autumn … but I’ll try to be a little better with making the gaps less 🙂

Come to some gigs … check the ‘Events’ section here … I always love to see you at any 🙂
And, thanks as always, for the support.

Omar x