Omar Naber: “It feels great being in Kiev!”

Omar Naber arrived in Kiev just over a week ago and will perform 17th in the running order at tomorrow’s first Eurovision Semi-Final.
He’s had a busy week. Here’s a day-by-day taster of what he’s been up to since arriving in the Ukrainian capital on 30th April, as the clock counts down to that performance.
Monday 1st May
Omar stepped on to the Eurovision stage at the Kiev International Exhibition Centre for the first time for his first rehearsal.

Speaking to the press after his first rehearsal, Omar said: “As they say, practice makes perfect, so I am satisfied with everything for now. The design team responsible for the performance and the visuals have done a fantastic job. We will still make a few minor adjustments, but by Friday, when we have the next rehearsal, everything will be fine-tuned and ready to go.”
Tuesday 2nd May
Omar had a few free hours so got to take advantage of them by having a wander around Kiev – and he was very impressed. “It feels great being Kiev. It’s full of soul – the people have been so friendly and you can feel that warmth in the air. I also love the food – which will help me keep up my strength for the days ahead!”

Wednesday 3rd May
Omar was invited to meet with Nataša Prah, the Slovenian Ambassador to Ukraine, and he kept her informed about how his preparations for the semi-final are going. They also discussed the changes Omar has noticed in the city since he performed last time out in 2005.

Thursday 4th May
At the invitation of the Montenegrin delegation, Omar impressed the guests with his appearance at their pre-event party, alongside that of the host’s and the representatives of Serbia, Macedonia and Croatia.

Friday 5th May
Omar’s second on-stage rehearsal took place and left the whole team with a strong feeling of satisfaction.


 “I’ll do my very best to perform and present the song as best I can to the world,” said Omar at his press conference after the rehearsal. “My team has done top-notch work on it to ensure that its presentation will stand out and be exceptional. My job in all of this is that, at the onset, I put in 100% to my performance – as the audience expects. After that, the rest is out of my hands.”
Omar spent Friday evening in the company of fans as he performed at the Eurovision village.

Saturday 6th May
Omar spent the day doing press and media interviews – and was very in-demand.

In the evening, Omar was invited by the Australian representative Isaiah, to attend their delegation’s party.

Sunday 7th May
All of this year’s performers at the Eurovision Song Contest, attended the official opening and walked down the red carpet.

This evening (Monday 8th), Omar will perform in front of the national juries before undergoing the same assessment by viewers from across Europe tomorrow evening.
At one of his interviews before he takes to the stage once more for the performances that matter, Omar admitted to one of the journalists:
“Performing on stage at the biggest musical event in the world is a big responsibility so you have to look after yourself in the best possible way. I’m trying to stay calm and collected.”

Omar’s outfit for the performance was designed exclusively by Jelena Proković – JSP, who previously lent her services to ensure he made a stylish appearance at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005, which was of course, also held in Kiev.
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